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Converting your vehicle to propane is the easiest way to save up to 50 percent of your fuel costs today. Canso Auto Propane has been converting cars and trucks for over thirty yearsPropane is an excellent fuel alternative as it is a clean burning fuel that helps protect the environment. with thousands of satisfied customers.

There are many advantages to converting to propane. Unlike other alternative fuels, virtually any gasoline-powered vehicle, including the one you already own, can be converted to propane.

The cost of an average propane conversion is about half of that of an electric hybrid or diesel engine upcharge.

Our dual-fuel conversion offers the greatest convenience by letting you switch between gasoline and propane at your convenience.

Propane has been a completely safe, effective and proven fuel in Canada for more than 30 years with tens of thousands of vehicles converted and with millions of kilometers safely driven.

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Propane is abundant in supply and can be found throughout Ontario ... learn more

Propane is a clean burning fuel making it an excellent fuel alternative which  helps protect the environment ... learn more

A dual or bi-fuel conversion simply means the vehicle can run on either gasoline or propane ...  learn more

”...What business owner wouldn’t  jump at the chance to reduce his number one expense by up to 50%?” ...
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All vehicles are bi-fuel and use the Prins VSI fuel injected system. Propane conversion prices vary...
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